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August Re-Examination Timetables (13 - 23 August 2019)

If you have an exam clash (i.e. two exams timetabled for the same time), or 3 exams set in consecutive exam sessions (e.g. a Monday morning exam, followed by a Monday afternoon exam, followed by a Tuesday morning exam), please report this by email to .
Please remember to include your full name, student number and the module codes and titles for all exams affected.

The University reserves the right to make changes to the timetable at any time. Students must make themselves available to sit exams for the entire published examination period.

Personal Exam Timetables
You can view your Personal Exam Timetable online via Minerva:

  • Log into Minerva using your university username and password
  • On the Home tab, click on the 'Exam resits' tile on the right

This should take you directly to your personal exam resits timetable. Alternatively, or if you have any problems:

  • Click on the Student Services icon on the Minerva toolbar
  • Log in to Student Services
  • Go to the Examinations tab
  • Click on the 'My Personal Exam Timetable' link
  • Read the 'Points to note' and click 'Submit'

Please select a department from the list below to view the timetable:

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